Dr Cory Noble

Dr Cory Noble


Research Consultant

Dr Cory Noble (Robinson) is a post-doctoral research assistant from California working to develop a suite of novel instruments to measure the effect of chronic disease and chronic pain in cats. This work is a natural continuation of NewMetrica's extensive research on HRQL in dogs, since currently no valid and reliable instrument exists for cats.

Alongside a generic stand-alone tool, Cory is developing an osteoarthritis specific component that will combine responses of both the cat owner and clinician into a meaningful output designed to improve disease monitoring, early detection, and treatment efficacy.

Cory has an extensive background in academic and field research and, while completing her doctorate in Zoology at the University of Aberdeen, had first-hand experience monitoring the chronic illnesses of her “expat cat” Milo.  Her experiences with Milo’s diabetes and the side effects that came with it, made her passionate about this project, as she understands the fine balance between managing pets' health, and considering their quality of life.