Data collection and score interpretation

Data collection and score interpretation

Use of the acute tools requires no training, but VetMetrica HRQL instruments require minimal training for owner and clinician, which can be delivered online.

Time required for data capture;

  • Approximately 2 min for the CMPS-SF and CMPS-Feline
  • Approximately 5 min for VetMetrica HRQL for Dogs.

Interpretability is a fundamental requirement for healthcare assessments if they are to be useful in a clinical setting. The acute pain scales use scientifically derived intervention levels for analgesia which the clinician can use to augment clinical judgement as to when analgesic should be administered. In a clinical trial setting,  these  also provide guidance as to when an animal should receive rescue medication,  informing trial drug outcomes of success or failure .

Interpretation of HRQL profiles uses scores from a healthy population for comparison and a calculated minimum important difference (MID) for determination of responsiveness. This is the minimum difference that means something to the owner or vet,  such that they might consider changing treatment.